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Self-Doubt @ Work

Self-Doubt in Relationships

I help working professionals like you who are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, or vulnerable. At times you struggle to balance relationships, home life, and perform optimally at work.

Working with me helps you to transform the misguided belief ‘I am not enough’. We are then able to navigate your emotions, transform your self-worth so that you experience a more joyful, resilient and harmonious life.

Having trouble finding your self-confidence?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Almost everyone has experienced the pain of feeling, inadequate, unworthy, or never good enough. We can become locked in an exhausting cycle of questioning our abilities, discounting our achievements, and comparing ourselves to others (while always coming up short)

Self-doubt can be internally threatening to our our self-view, how we like to appear to others, as well as how we wish to appear to others. It is a natural emotion; we all experience and often appears when we are scared.

We all experience feelings of inadequacy in varying degrees and in different forms. When we become overloaded, we can feel like we are not ourselves. Too much stress makes us imbalanced, steals joy from our life and causes us to lose hope of experiencing life any differently than our current situation.

Is this you?

Do one or more of the following sound familiar to you?

I do not look forward to going to work and procrastinate when I have deadlines to meet.

I do not know what I want, feel confused and afraid. The daily impact and stress of worrying leaves me with no focus.

I am constantly worried about the future and confused when making decisions.

I have difficulty in setting boundaries in my relationships and this leaves me feeling vulnerable and hurt.

You can release self-doubt and give yourself acceptance and love!

If it were a matter of simply changing your mental game, you would change your thoughts and easily change your beliefs. I know you have tried to change but still struggle with your deep-set beliefs. That is because the problem you are having starts at the physiological or cellular level of your body and not your mind.

Once you are freed up at the cellular level, your mind will be freed up as well, allowing you to easily implement your mental strategies.

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Signs of Self Doubt in Relationships

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How Self Doubt Keeps You Stuck at Work

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Jonathan’s story – A case study

Jonathan’s story – A case study

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About Veena

I have known the frustration of wanting to change and improve my life and not being able to get there. I have been where you are because of the limiting belief that ‘I am not enough’.

‘Veena is a gifted teacher of EFT. Through several tapping sessions with her I am more confident, experience more fulfilled relationships and have the tools to manage stressful situations. I have cleared so much from the past that was preventing me from being the best version of me. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is serious about moving forward in their life from an empowered place.’

Jon Ng, Finance

Are there things you could be doing, if there were no limitations on you, that would help the problem?


For example, with your relationship would you like to set boundaries and have more time for yourself. I am sure you would say ‘yes absolutely’. The challenge is of course rewiring our brain so that we think, feel, and act different. We are then motivated to set boundaries and create healthier relationships, we are not overwhelmed with self-doubt, that creates fear and keeps us rooted to our feeling of lack.

This is what Tapping does so beautifully, and it does this with all areas of our life that we struggle. When we tap, we rewire the brain to make better decisions and take action that leads to more success. We then show up different in life , attract better relationships, or we show up better in our current one. We release physical pain from our body, as our body releases the trauma and emotions that holds it in place.

Every time while going through the tapping process and focusing on the challenge you are dealing with you send a calming signal to your brain that is new to it. Tapping works to literally rewire the brain, so that you actually, want to do things that are going to improve your life and make you feel better.