How Self Doubt Keeps You Stuck at Work

Let us picture this….

Your boss assigned you an important task he thinks you are the most suitable person in the room. But instead of taking it as a recognition of your work performance you start to panic. Even though you are well resourced and have the skills you constantly doubt yourself.

You panic about whether you can do a great job. Worry about failing to perform well and becoming a joke. You spend time stressing over every decision. Fear leads to procrastination; you delay your work and feel unmotivated. Indecision goes hand in hand with poor self-confidence.

How to tell if your self-doubt is unhealthy

When self-doubt and negative talk become a habit, it can prevent you from grabbing opportunities that come your way and acting as self-sabotage. When you are stuck in an endless loop of self-loathing and negativity you are caught up in mental paralysis.

You second guess yourself. Even after doing the research and being well informed, fear prevents action from taking place. You would rather be in the background and suffer from than be in the spotlight. You do not allow yourself to do what your heart and mind desires.

You are worried that critics will judge you, co-workers will gossip, or that your decisions will cause the worst to happen. In an effort not to be embarrassed you stay as far away from the light as possible.

Are you living your dreams?

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Veena Arora