Jonathan’s story – A case study

For several years, Jonathan a 35-year-old banker has been working in the financial sector. He is constantly battling with the feeling of low self-esteem. At work despite having the qualifications and skills, he lacks confidence to express himself. When making decisions he keeps seeking other’s opinions before he can act with confidence. He constantly seeks approval from his boss and colleagues. When he is not acknowledged for his work, he gets anxious and starts a spiral of self-blame and negative thoughts.

The constant stress about his belief of worthlessness affects his wellbeing. He finds it difficult to switch off from work and enjoy being with his family. He feels guilty about not being the best and is unable to set boundaries in his relationship. He gets easily triggered with things not in his control and has outbursts of anger.

At times he cannot sleep at night and the next morning has little energy or enthusiasm for work. He has noticed the days he does not sleep well, his body craves sugar and complex carbohydrates for energy. This is now causing obesity and high blood pressure.

We worked together on six sessions around his issues with self-worth. During the sessions we did some deep inner work and were able to shift some of the negative emotions he was experiencing on a daily basis. We then looked at his beliefs that were linked to childhood experiences of self-worth. With tapping he was able to identify the beliefs and realise how they were sabotaging his behaviour. He was able to choose his identity and modify his behaviour accordingly.

On a daily basis he is able to acknowledge when he fees anxious and uses tapping to prep himself for situations that bring him anxiety. He is able to make decisions confidently at work. He has more resilience and can handle stressful situations mindfully. His health has improved as he is sleeping better and has time to exercise regularly.

Veena Arora