Working with the core belief “never good enough‘’

We are in a culture that goes after image. Image is more important than substance. When we are bombarded with messages constantly telling us, from different angles that we are not okay, it is hard not to absorb it.

There are times when we feel inadequate about something in our lives. For many people, this feeling goes deeper, it gets woven into our personal fabric. Worthlessness defines who we are and how we think others in the world see us. Without help we become trapped in a painful cycle of doubt and self-judgement that blocks us from growth.

Change your limiting beliefs and stepping into freedom.

Why do we listen to the voice in our head?

We have a negative bias, our brain will naturally find what’s wrong and feed into the story. I am not good enough; this story is universal. Maybe I am not smart enough, not pretty enough, not loveable. At the very core of this we are symbolically relating to things and putting them into patterns. This happens early on; we learn that we are the ‘same’ or we are ‘different.’ Then, we learn about comparison which can be physical, emotional or mental. Much of the time we can break free of these patterns but sometimes they get stuck when we hold on to them without even realizing.

We can inquire about this experience of not being good enough. The first step to breaking free of this is asking ‘where did this belief start?’

It is about connecting to the pain and simply acknowledging it. We can then learn how to work through these beliefs.

When we want to change our external world, we have to create the change within ourselves.

What is your relationship with worry?

Are you always worried and do you constantly Identify with your inner critic? Eighty per cent of our attention is spent on regret of the past and worry about the future.

Is worrying driving a lot of decisions in your life? Is it something you cannot control? How can we move ahead and face our fears?

Our self-doubt is the root cause of stress, anxiety, and fear. Not living our purpose and doing what we want to do or express the gifts we have. Is this how we want to live our life?

What is blocking you?

Veena Arora